Meeting Rooms

Meet at the library!



Rice Public Library has four meeting rooms that are open for use by individuals and groups of up to 80. All of our meeting spaces are free to use by any type of organization. 


Rooms are open during normal hours of operation and may be reserved up to 30 days in advance. Food and drink are welcome.


Our online reservation system is now live! Go to and reserve by room or day.




Business Center

Image of the Business Center's main table with five chairs arranged around it



The Business Center is the smaller meeting space on the ground floor of the library. It is ideal for individuals and small groups of up to 6. The room includes a wall-mounted television that can be connected directly to a computer for videoconferencing.



Community Room

View of the Community Room from the back, with sveral chairs set up facing the projection screen on the front wall


The Community Room is our largest event room, with space for up to 30 (table seating) or 80 (auditorium seating) attendees. The room has two moveable walls that can be opened or closed depending on group size. When fully opened, the room includes a sink, cabinets, and counter space along the back wall. A projection screen and speakers are hard-wired into the front wall. This room is located on the ground floor of the library and is fully accessible.




Image of the makerspace including a large conference-style table with twelve chairs, wall-mounted television, cabinets, and sink space


The Makerspace is located on the ground floor of the library. It is a meeting and activity space for up to 20 people. The room includes a sink, counter, and cabinet space, as well as a wall-mounted television that can be used for projection and videoconferencing. The center tables may be arranged or removed to fit your group's activity.



Study Room

Image of the study room's center table with four chairs arranged around it.


The Study Room is located on the second floor of the library, just off the teen room. It is open for use on a first-come basis.