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Rice Pudding Poetry Podcast

Episode 13: "Summer"


The Rice Pudding Poetry Podcast, with “summertime” poems by New England area poets, is available now on Podbean and Spotify.


This episode features original music by finger-style guitarist David W. Graf, together with Community Readers Sally Hirshberg, Rebecca Hennessy, Betty Olivolo, Joanne Connolly, Jim White, Mary Pat Kingsbury, Matthew Cloutier, Linda Cheatham, Mike Lee, and Agnes Charlesworth.


These marvelous readers give voice to poems by New England poets Dale Lombardi, Erine Leigh, Jody Hetherington, Marnie Cobbs, Mary Anker, Christina H. Felix, Mimi White, Grace Mattern, Samantha DeFlitch, Jen Ryan Onken, and April Ossmann.