Book Donations



Book Donations



The library can take donations of books and DVDs that are in new or like-new condition. If you are donating more than one bag of books at a time, please call ahead at (207)439-1553 x2 so we may assist you.



We cannot accept the following materials:


  • VHS or cassette tapes


  • Encyclopedias


  • Nonfiction books more than 10 years old 


  • >Magazines


  • Textbooks


  • Anything damaged, dirty, or smelly


If your donations do not meet these guidelines, you can place them in the white bin located in the Taylor parking lot. This goes to a company that resells and recycles old books. The Library receives a portion of these proceeds.


What do you do with the donations?

Adding material to the collection is at the discretion of library staff. If we already own the title, we often swap out our old copy to keep the collection looking fresh and inviting. Children’s donations may be used as prizes for the library’s summer reading program. We may also pass books along to other Maine libraries who can use them.