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All available as apps in iOS, Android, and your smart TV player.

NewsON: Local news broadcasts from across the country. You can watch live or up to 48 hours after they air. This app streams broadcasts of channels 6, 8, 9, 13, and Boston affiliates for ABC and Fox. 

Right now, NewsON is only available as an app.

TubiTV: Same general setup as Netflix or Hulu. A free option on Roku - you can also download it as an app for your phone or tablet.

Yidio: You can stream ABC and CBS national news from here. But more than that, Yidio is a database where you can browse the libraries of each paid streaming service before you sign up for them. 

Crackle: A service owned by Sony; it’s mostly that studio’s older (10+ years) films and TV shows.I Dream of Jeannie, Starsky and Hutch, Roseanne, and Who’s The Boss? are just some of the delightful retro offerings.

PopcornFlix: There are some TRULY unbelievable C-list movies on here. So, if you’re into movies like Croczilla or Karate Dog, go wild!

VUDU: Offers free & pay-per-view movies and TV shows. The free content has commercial breaks. Owned by Wal-Mart.

IMDB TV: Free movies and TV (with commercial breaks) through your Amazon or Google accounts.

Youtube has a library of free-with-ads movies. 

In the app, head to Explore-->Movies & Shows--->Free to Watch. 

In your browser, head to the Main Menu and scroll down to More From Youtube---> Movies & Shows.

You probably know Roku as the smart-TV adapter. It now offers its own streaming channel you can watch directly from your computer or on the Roku app.

Check out the category called 'Comfort TV' that has shows like Doc Martin, Growing Pains, and Schitt's Creek.