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Featured Author:  Janet Evanovich


"What I really write is adventure stories—Indiana Jones in Trenton," mystery writer Janet Evanovich told Booklist 's GraceAnne A. DeCandido in an interview. The author of a successful series of humorous detective novels set in Trenton, New Jersey, Evanovich has created what may be "the single hottest character in crime fiction at the moment," wrote Bill Ott in a Booklist review of 2001's Hot Six. The character Ott refers to is Evanovich's protagonist, Stephanie Plum, a feisty Jersey woman of Hungarian and Italian descent who turns to bounty hunting when she loses her job as a lingerie buyer. Characterized by a flamboyant wardrobe, big hair, and an impertinent manner, Plum tracks bail jumpers for her cousin Vinnie, a bail bondsman. Among the cast of oddball characters Plum gathers around her are retired blond-haired, African-American hooker Lula, mace-toting Grandma Mazur, and Plum's hamster, Rex. The bounty hunter's squeeze of the moment, police officer Joe Morelli, is also often on hand to receive the bail-skippers Plum chases down.

Another more enigmatic male in Plum's life is Ricardo Carlos Mafioso, a.k.a. the Ranger, her mentor in the world of bounty hunting. DeCandido described Evanovich's work as a compilation of "romance, cozy, and noir," from which strange brew Evanovich has "created the heady attraction of Nancy Drew grown up."

Evanovich's mystery books have crossed over into the mainstream with initial print runs of half a million copies, regularly making it onto the New York Times best-seller list. Evanovich likewise has made it into the elite of the whodunit pantheon along with other top names in the genre such as Sue Grafton and Robert B. Parker. Not bad for a writer who started out penning anonymous romance novels.

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